Sunday, October 20, 2013

Seven Day Fiance chalenge Week 1:Bad Boys Of Fiction

To celebrate the release of Rachel Harris' new book 'Seven Day Fiance" ,The Flirt Squad is taking part in a 3 week Challenge!Its going to be really fun and interesting:)

This weeks challenge is:

So we're talking about bad boys and why do they apppeal to us?because lets be honest,We all have a favorite bad boy character.You know,I actually love Greek Mythology but my Favorite one is the Myth of Hades and Persephone.Hades is a classic example of a Bad Boy and my other personal favorites are Damon Black and Damon from the Vampire Diaries(Although I didn't really enjoy the books)and of-course Cane from Seven Day Fiance.

I like them if they have a sarcastic attitude but they shouldn't come of as jerks who don't care if they hurt someone.I like it more if they are protective and even a little possessive of their women but they do not take this to the extreme and  do not always feel like they have to keep an eye on the heroine.The story line which I am always willing to read is when the bad boy does not believe in love but ends up letting his guard down and falling in love with the heroine*swoon*.

Nowadays,bad boys are all the trend in YA and in NA.Some are really good but often enough there are those who I just can't tolerate.Sadly the bad boys that appeal to us can only be found in fiction.The real life ones just don't compare and are plain arrogant.

I think that the really feminine parts are the ones that fall in love with them.The heroines are always irritated my their protective attitude but secretly they(and we)really like it ;)There's just something about them that appeals to our most primal instincts.

We should thank the writers who bring us these swoon worthy bad boys so first of all, thank you Rachel!!!

So to conclude I'm on Team Bad Boys, Are You?
Here is a excerpt from Seven Day Fiance:

After kissing Angelle senseless, Cane watched Brady tug her 
onto the dance floor. Jealousy pitched and roiled in his gut, but he 
didn’t look away. He didn’t have to. Despite the ease with which 
the former lovers fell into each other’s arms, Cane knew whose 
bed she’d be in tonight.
Anticipation had him antsy, eager to drag her away before she 
changed her mind. But he wouldn’t rush this. He’d give Brady this 
moment. After all, it had to be hell losing a woman like Angelle. 
And Cane was man enough to share her attention for a few 
minutes. Especially since she wasn’t really even his. 
So it didn’t matter that they looked good together, spinning 
and laughing as their hands formed little windows to stare into 
each other’s eyes. The way their feet pistoned up and down in 
sync, hinting at a shared history, didn’t rankle. And when the other 
couples widened the circle, clapping for the reunion of Cane’s 
woman and her ex, it didn’t even faze him. 
It certainly didn’t have him wanting to punch a hole through 
the post behind his head.

AND HERE ARE SOME PICTURES Since I know you guys love to look at them;)

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