Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Lost Pearl by Lara Zuberi


Everything changes for nine-year-old Sana Shah as she witnesses the horror of her father's assassination. she suffers through the pain of losing him, and realizing the worth of lessons learnt from him as Pearls of Wisdom. The tragedy forces Sana to leave her home in Pakistan, and traverse the globe to California. As time passes, she remains tormented by her memories as she struggles to rediscover her identity in a foreign land. Keen on pursuing journalism, she attends Stanford, where she meets a law student, Ahmer. They are drawn together by their cultural heritage, as well as their shared experience of having lost and endured. He becomes the source of her happiness, as well as the catalyst in mending her strained relationship with her family. As the story unfolds, however, their lives become intertwined in unexpected ways, creating obstacles that might be impossible to overcome.
Spanning nearly two decades, and set against a backdrop of landmark political events in both Pakistan and America in recent history, The Lost Pearl is an emotional tale about the strength of the human bond and the consequences of a truth left untold.

REVIEW:   (5-stars)

This is perhaps one of the most heartfelt books I have ever read.It had me near tears most of the time.Sana was nine year old when she witnessed the murder of her father.Such an event is enough to traumatize even an adult .She was a great character and instead of just giving up,she sought to find peace and justice for what happened to her father. I can't even begin to imagine what I would have done in her place.A thing that I really liked about this book was the very good description of Pakistan and the ideas that its people have,for example the mother worrying about her daughter's marriage even at a very young age.Its customs were very well described.In real life,there are a lot of misconceptions about Pakistan,this novel gives readers an idea about how not everyone in Pakistan is bad but instead they too suffer in the times of war.It clearly showed the differences between Pakistan and America and how life is in both of these countries.The reference to poetry was something that I really loved.It was a very interesting and captivating read,one which I recommend for everyone to read.

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