Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Aetherfae (Weald Fae Journals#3)by Christopher Sheilds

TITLE:The Aetherfae(Weald Fae Journals#3)
AUTHOR:Christopher Shields
PUBLISHED:July 11th 2013
GENRE:Young Adult/Magic

Maggie O’Shea is the lone witness to Ozara’s betrayal and murder of two Seelie Council members, and to Ozara’s treacherous alliance with the Unseelie leader, Zarkus. But will Maggie remember any of it?

This book was offered by the author in exchange for an honest review and after having read the last two books,I couldn't miss this wonderful opportunity.I wasn't surprised that I loved this book just like the previous ones.Firstly,the cover is beautiful.Secondly there were a lot of surprises and suspense.You felt like you knew what was going to happen but the author surprises you again and again.While reading this book I realized that every scene in the The Steward and The Changeling had some significance and everything told was not just a way to fill up the pages.Even the name(Weald Fae Journals)had a reason.This was the reason I really liked it.Even more new characters are introduced,some of them who really shocked me.Other than the main story,the author has given a real twist to Greek mythology which even though it does not play a major part of the story is really fun to read.There was a lot of action which started straight away and there was never a dull moment.We see that Maggie has matured a lot from the first book and has become even more powerful.There was a lot of suspense but due to some characters,the story was prevented from being too serious and was instead a lot of fun to read.This book kept me awake all night reading because I could not wait to know what would happen next.I think this was my most favorite book from the series and considering that I loved all of them,that is saying something.It was a great read and one that a person should absolutely try.I am now impatiently waiting for the next and last book in this series 'The Maebown' to come out.I will definitely be one of it's earliest readers:)

ADD TO GOODREADS:http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18038760-the-aetherfae

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