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Save Dschinannya!
Dschinnanya, world of the demons, is in danger. Soon this magical place which changes its appearance each day will be extinct. Only you can save it! 

Part 1 of the fantasy series “Creatures of Fire: Demons die harder” featured Dschinnanya, the world of the demons. If the author, J.B. Brooklin can’t write part 2 of the series, Dschinnanya will leave this world and be forgotten.

If you want to prevent this, you can help. In return you will soon be able to delve into the next fantasy mystery, visit Dschinnanya and find out what happens to Sariel and Alexander, the two main characters. All you have to do is fund the project “Save Dschinnanya!” with only 1 USD … or more, but that is up to you.

Supporters will get behind-the-scenes access to Dschinnanya. J.B. Brooklin is not only going to share ideas, but will also post excerpts from part 2, unpublished scenes, bonus material and whatever else she can think of.
Interested? If you want to find out more about the “Creatures of Fire” series and Dschinnanya, you can get your free copy of book 1 “Demons die harder” as an ebook. For free! Simply send an email to or to and request either a pdf, epub or mobi file.

More information about the project “Save Dschinnanya!” can be found here, along with the possibility to sign up and be informed when the project goes live:

Want to view the project video? Look here:

Blurb of Part 1 “Creatures of Fire: Demons die harder”

She is a half demon, oblivious to her true nature. He is a demon set out to avenge murder.

Together they are hunted by the one person she thought she could trust. Separate they may be able to save each others lives.

New York – Paris – Dschinnanya.
To show you what you are getting into,here is an excerpt from Part 1 of the series:

Get a glimpse of Dschinnanya - 3
Readers that havent’t yet read part 1 of the “Creatures of Fire Series”, can get a glimpse to see what it is like to be in Dschinnanya. This is an excerpt from “Creatures of Fire: Demons die harder“:

Rawan came and escorted her and Tamiro through town. Dschinnanya had a Christmas feel today. Snowflakes were falling from a grey, dark sky and festive lights and ornaments were adorning the streets. Sariel was quite certain that demons did not celebrate Christmas; they probably only wanted to decorate the city because it looked so pretty.
“Looks like they are running out of ideas,” she said to Tamiro. “The houses just look like the ones I saw on my first day here. Straight out of a Charles Dickens novel.”
“Who knows what the great demon masters think when they create the town? But the snow is a nice touch.” He caught one of the flakes in his hand. “Especially since it isn’t cold.”
“That’s what’s wrong with it!”
“You didn’t notice before?”
“No, I was too distracted by the thought that demons were decorating their city for Christmas.”
“This is the Library of the Centuries.” Rawan interrupted their conversation and indicated a building that looked much too small to house such an important archive.
“That’s the library?” Sariel asked doubtfully. In her mind she had pictured an old, imposing building rather than this small, insignificant house.
“Yes,” Rawan answered and opened the door, letting Sariel and Tamiro enter before him. Stepping into the narrow dark passageway Sariel cast her eyes in order to find a door that might lead her into the archive. 
“Please, allow me to show you the way,” Rawan said, passing her. Leading them through the long corridor, turning into another and yet another, he finally came to a stop in front of a large, wooden portal.
“The Library of the Centuries,” he announced and swung one of the heavy gates open. What she saw then took Sariel’s breath away. The room before them was of enormous proportions with an interior that resembled a star. A big hall sat in the center with rows and rows of shelves leading from it into the distance. From the high ceiling a chandelier cast a bright light, produced not by candles but by light bulbs that looked like a modern version of LED lights.
The room was silent, despite the fact that many of the tables to her right were occupied by demons pouring over old tomes. To her right she spotted a counter and behind that a young demon. I expected an old librarian, Sariel thought when she saw the young man.

About Birgit Kluger aka J.B. Brooklin:
Birgit Kluger is a German author, writing her English books under the pen name of J.B. Brooklin. Birgit lived abroad for several years in the USA, Spain and the Seychelles. Since a couple of years she is back in Germany, trying to make a living out of writing. Which is not always easy.

In Germany she has already published three novels, one of them "Schau ihr in die Augen" with Droemer Knaur, one of the large German publishing houses.

The campaign kicks off on November 13th, 2013.

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