Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fire Burns by Trista Day

TITLE:Fire Burns
AUTHOR:Trista Day
PUBLISHED:March 8th 2013
PAGE COUNT:404 pages

Callie Demasi just started her senior year at Crystalport High and her life couldn't be any more ordinary. Then the nightmares start, and a strange creature tries to attack her in her sleep. If that isn't bad enough, her body starts to do things she never imagined were possible; like hold fire in the palm of her hand. It seems that the only person who knows what's really happening to her is a ghost creature named Draven- if she can keep him from disappearing on her. It's not until after her best friend Zilla is kidnapped, and she meets the handsome and arrogant Cole, that Callie begins to put the pieces together. Will her newfound powers be strong enough to save the life of her BFF, or will they both be doomed to the same fate?

This book was given to me by the author for an honest review.

I'm a huge fan of the paranormal genre and thats why I can't resist any book which has such interesting blurbs.Sometimes I'm glad I took the risk and sometimes I am dissapointed.This book definitely comes in the former category.It was an interesting story with a lot of great twists.I loved reading it and anticipating about what would happen next.It kept me interested with a lot of suspense.The characters were fun and unique in their own ways.A lot of emotions were felt while reading this book,which I think is a sign of a great author.The thing I really liked was that the action started right away and the author did not drag the story to make it longer.It was a really great book and I think people should give it a try.


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