Friday, September 20, 2013

The Changeling (Weald Fae Journals#2) by Christopher Shields

TITLE:The Changeling(Weald Fae Journals#2)
AUTHOR:Christopher Shields
PUBLISHED:October 29th 2012
PAGE COUNT:300 Pages
GENRE:Young Adult

“There’s Darkness in the Wilds”

It has been only one year since sixteen-year-old Maggie O'Shea moved to the Ozark Mountains and was declared Steward of the Weald, the most sacred realm of the Fae, mythical beings with both enormous and sinister powers, who often take the form of humans. Her life has been in extreme peril before, but never more so than now. Her younger brother, Mitch, has been kidnapped by a rogue band of Fae and the demand is simple: leave the Weald and her new life behind or else her brother dies. Now Maggie's on a breakneck race to save her brother, her family and friends, and perhaps all of humankind from a threat more insidious than anyone can imagine.

The Weald Fae Journals continue...

This book was given to me by the author for an honest review.This is the second book in The Weald Fae Journals Series and continues where The Steward left off.I already had great expectations from this book since I loved the first one and I wasn't disappointed.It was equally as good as,if not better than, The Steward.We see some new characters and old ones.I felt a lot of emotions while reading the book(including sadness,happiness and sometimes annoyance)and this shows what a great book it is.We see the main character Maggie learn new abilities and we see the determination she has for finding her brother.I liked that it wasn't always easy for maggie to do something and she didn't always win without help.This made the book seem more realistic.It was a great book and I recommend it to fans of Paranormal romance

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