Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mercy Bound by Karen Plaisance

TITLE:Mercy Bound
AUTHOR:Karen Plaisance
PAGE COUNT:525 pages

For Mercy Cross, being a fated death oracle has its perks. Knowing when and how someone will bite the dust and being able to prevent it is always a rush. Not being able to save herself from her own grisly end is a bit of a downer, but hey, look for that silver lining where you can, right?

Mercy's glass-is-half-full view of life is challenged when her attempts to save a mysterious red headed hunter backfires and she becomes temporarily blood bound to a New Orleans vampire. Embroiled in a political power struggle among the city's vampire contingent and hunted down by the very woman she saved, Mercy is left to wonder if surviving this nightmare is worth the agony of living through it.

This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.It is is about Mercy Cross who is a death oracle and can see anyones death including her own.She cannot prevent her death but tries to help others to prevent theirs.It was a really good book that I enjoyed reading a lot.I like the concept in the story.It was full of surprises and unexpected events.I never knew what could happen next and this kept me interested.I would recommend this book to whoever loves supernatural romance and mystery.

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