Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Reaper Series by John Paul Bernett

Have you taken a look at The Reaper Series by John Paul Bernett? The second book in the series, Atkinson's Armageddon, has recently been released. Take a look at the blurbs below and see what you think of them.

Atkinson's Administration
(The Reaper Series #1)
By John Paul Bernett

Blurb: The reaper has walked among us ever since time began. Our meaning of time is different; three score years and ten give or take the over or under run of sand in the reapers time piece. That is what the ancient philosophers would have us believe. But now the bells are chiming us into the 21st century and there is a problem. The real reaper system has had a spanner thrown into its works; the repercussions of this could and will end the world as we know it. Can mortals battle with ancient Gods or is this the apocalypse that revelations predicted. Have you ever wondered what that feeling is when you are falling in your sleep and you wake just before you hit the ground? Well, that is me twanging the cord that one day I will cut in my realm and you will die in yours,Atkinson.


Atkinson's Armageddon
(The Reaper Series #2)
By John Paul Bernett

Blurb: The End of All Things is upon the world; the world’s population has no idea. The Reaper system is again running, with a new Reaper. Things have returned to some sort of normality at the police station, the mortuary, and the newspaper buildings. A young girl has found she is more than she thought she was. All seems fine as the rebuilding of the fallen city is well under way, and Atkinson is without doubt dead, his body split into seven pieces and hidden in separate places, separate realms and on different planes of existence.

As the anniversary of the cataclysmic event that occurred the previous year approaches an Ancient Prophecy is revealed, and a quest begins as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse mount their steeds once more.

This time its personal… as the human race truly come face to face with Armageddon.

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