Friday, September 20, 2013

The Steward (Weald Fae Journals #1) by Christopher Shields

TITLE:The Steward(Weald Fae Journals#1)
 AUTHOR:Christopher Shields
PUBLISHED:August 7th 2012
PAGE COUNT:336 pages
GENRE:Young Adult

Maggie O’Shea expected the worst when her family relocated from the lively beaches of Boca Raton to the secluded forests of the Ozark Mountains. What she didn’t expect was a new beginning – one full of Fae, magical powers, dangerous physical and mental trials, and two surprisingly gorgeous young men. These aren’t the fairies you’re familiar with, but dangerous superpowers embroiled in an enduring struggle among themselves over the fate of all humanity. Some want to protect us, and others would love nothing more than to see us, and especially fifteen-year-old Maggie, dead and buried. Now, torn between her new duties as Steward of the most sacred Fae land and her burgeoning love for Gavin, a powerful Fae, Maggie must fight to protect her family, her friends, herself, and the fate of the entire world.

Join Maggie as she learns that fairy lore is not as far from the truth as she had believed, but neither is it anything like the tales in books or movies. As she navigates the treacherous schemes of the magical Fae, Maggie must become a quick study if she hopes to protect the lives of many, and possibly all, people from the insidious plot the Unseelie Fae have planned for centuries.

I got the opportunity to read this WONDERFUL book on goodreads and let me tell you,I just fell in love with it.The Steward is the story of 16 yr old Maggie O'Shea who finds out that she is the next steward of the Weald,which has been in her family for more than a century.We follow her journey as she faces challenges and takes tests to determine her affinity to the elements along with deciding whether she wants to accept the responsibility of protecting the humans.The story is very well written with lots of descriptions and it even has some elements of romance in it.It shows that the author has put a lot of time on research.My favorite part about the book was that the magic and everything was explained using simple science.This made everything more believable.There was a lot of suspense and surprises which encouraged me to read faster.I never knew what to expect next.There was never a dull moment and I absolutely LOVED it!!!The other books in the series are just as great.The author has immense talent and his books are definitely worth reading:P.

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